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D302PEV - Sisters

The sisters are the other 3 buses in the same batch that were delivered to Harris bus.

They carry the registrations D301PEV, D303PEV and D304PEV. There’s a bit about each one below, and some images further down the page.......


After use at Harris Bus, 301 went on to see further use with Airlink Travel, Birmingham (03/97). Now according to those that follow and report on PCV vehicle movements, 301 was apparently scrapped in June 2010. That information is in fact incorrect - I have traced 301 and its still very much alive and well; with the same owner in Birmingham!! **Update February 2016 - sadly D301PEV was scrapped at Willenhall Commercials**


Like all of the batch, 303 went to Airlink Travel, Birmingham, after use at Harris Bus. It ended its days with Red Rose Travel of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. As can be seen below, sadly 303 was destroyed in a 5 vehicle fire at Red Rose’s depot in November 2007.


304 also went to Airlink Travel, Birmingham in March 1997 and still resides there alongside 301!!

**Update February 2016 - sadly D304PEV was scrapped at Willenhall Commercials**

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