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J317XVX - Sisters

The sisters are the other 3 buses in the same batch that were delivered to County Bus & Coach Co LTD.

They carry the registrations J314XVX, J315XVX and J316XVX. Thereís a bit about each one below, and some
images further down the page.......

J314XVX went to Edmonton garage and carried the garage fleet name ĎLeaValleyí. All I know about 314 after that is she
ended up at Arriva Southend, along with her sisters, before later being recorded at Arriva North Westís Wrexham depot in
July 2002. DVLA vehicle tax information indicates that 314 has not been taxed since May 2008....

J315XVX has a similar story, having also spent the first part of itís life along with 314 at Edmonton. 315 also went to
Arriva Southend and is then recorded as being at Arriva Cymru before being noted as arriving at Arriva North Westís
Wrexham depot in July 2002 then leaving there in January 2006. Did 314 stay with 315 at Arriva Cymru (thatís Wales by
the way!!)?

315 then went on to Midland Classic - she arrived there in November 2006, and was still there in December 2010 though
now withdrawn (since November 2009) with a failed differential. Having made contact with the owner of Midland Classic,
I have been able to recover all of the seat frames from 315 which means that 317 will now have the proper original seat
frames installed and one of itís sisters will survive if only in a small way. Unfortunately the original seat backs & cushions
were removed by Midland Classic as they were worn out, but I have also recovered the red backs & cushions used by 315
(originally taken from former Stagecoach Dart M64HHB).

Sadly 315 was scrapped by Midland Classic in October 2011.

J316XVX came with 317 to Grays for route 383 and carried an all over advert for Gasoline Alley. 316 was repainted into
County Bus livery after she caught fire in service on route 383. The bus went to Arriva Southend, along with 317 in April
2002. I donít have any more history after that but I have seen an image of her with an operator called Coakley, which is
based in Motherwell, in Scotland! (that image is dated November 2008). Confusingly however, DVLA vehicle tax
information indicates that 316 has not been taxed since May 2006!!...

Although I suspect the answer is unfortunately obvious for 314 & 316, if you know of any information that I can add to this page, Iíd be very happy to hear from you via the forum (member name Colin).

In the meantime, hereís a gallery of DW317ís sisters in service with their various operators
(click on any image to see bigger versions)

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