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P337ROO - Relatives

There are 4 sisters - two other buses in the original batch that were delivered to Harris Bus, plus two others that although came later, as you’ll see below are also directly related.

There’s also another 3, shall we say....cousins? There’s more about them further down the page.
So that’s 6 relatives in total.

The sisters carry the registrations P335ROO, P336ROO, R381GTW and R382GTW.

There’s a bit about each one below.......

P335ROO - When Harris Bus collapsed 335 transferred into the ownership of East Thames buses, the company specially created by London Buses to take on all of Harris Bus’s London contract work. After life with East Thames 335 passed on to Sanders Coaches of Holt in Norfolk. I acquired 335 for preservation from Sanders in August 2012. She was scrapped by myself in November 2014 following consistently poor reliability and an accident with a tank.

P336ROO - like all vehicles owned by Harris Bus when the company collapsed, 336 transferred to the newly formed London Buses operation, East Thames Buses. After the East Thames period 336 went on to Sanders Coaches.....then passed through Beestons of Suffolk before ending up with its current operator, Geldards Coaches who are based in Leeds.

R381GTW - is another that went to Sanders Coaches after use at East Thames, and has followed sister 336 on to Geldards Coaches in Leeds. 381 is a direct sister to the P reg DAF’s as its chassis and body numbers both come directly after 335s!!
**update October 2014 - 381 has now been scrapped**

R382GTW - 382 followed 337 to Courtney Coaches, then passed through Surrey Connect, Wiltax and Network Colchester before reaching current operator Coach Travel Services, based in Huddersfield where she has been re-registered ODZ4910. 382 is also a direct relation as its chassis & body numbers come after 381’s but before 337s!

Images of the sisters in their various guises are shown below - and below that is a bit about the single door Harris DAF’s....

Here is a table of the chassis & body numbers, thus proving that the ‘R’registered buses are directly related sisters:

Chassis Number

Body Number

Registration Number

505 004237



505 004238



505 004239



505 004240



505 004241



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The cousins are three ‘single door’ buses, two of which were new to Harris Bus - the third was second hand.

They carry the registrations M649RCP, P317KTW, and P318KTW. There’s a bit about each one below.......

M649RCP - was originally a DAF demonstrator, and according to my information came to Harris Bus from Bee Line Buzz company in September 1996. There is also an image floating round the internet of this vehicle in Blackpool, before it came to Bee Line Buzz and Harris Bus. Like all the single door DAF’s, 649 carried ‘Lakeside Link’ branding for the North Kent commercial routes. Although 649 was still in the Harris fleet when East Thames came along, I don’t believe she was ever painted Red. I’m not sure whether she  arrived with the others, but 649 did end it’s days with some of its relatives at Sanders Coaches in Holt, Norfolk. 649 does still exist,  but has been so heavily stripped that she’ll never go back on the road. Sanders are using her as a store for the time being - and she’s a source of spares for 335 - but her fate will be with the scrap man some time soon....

P317KTW - as can be seen below, 317 actually made it into Ilford link branding. 317 did make it into the East Thames fleet, but only as a driver trainer. She passed through UK North before ending up getting converted into a youth bus for Stockton Council. The conversion is such that  she’ll never see use as a conventional bus again. 317 does live on though as it was made into a limited edition model by The Original Omnibus Company (Corgi).

P318KTW - 318 also became a driver trainer with East Thames, then went on to operate with Suffolk/Essex operator Chambers and can currently be found in the Leeds area with Tetleys Coaches. I have  attempted to register an interest with the operator but sadly they won’t entertain any such request.

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