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P337ROO - Story So Far

I’m getting quite into this bus preservation lark now!!.

Having done some research and sent out a few emails back in June 2012 regarding ex Harris Bus double deckers, I ended up acquiring P335ROO from Sanders Coaches in Norfolk. At the same time, TM Travel, owners of P337ROO did also reply positively (the only other company that did so) but their response was limited to my maintaining an interest as they weren’t selling at that time.

Fast forward to December 2013 and P337ROO had by now been withdrawn from service by TM Travel and was thus available for sale to myself. Following some negotiation and a visit to Sheffield to view 337, a deal was struck and 337 entered preservation alongside sister 335 in March 2014.

We had a long drive back from Sheffield to Essex; whilst the journey was relatively straight forward - 337 clearly having had a better life than 335 - she did suffer a split water hose which was discovered during a routine check upon joining the A505. Thankfully, with a few stops to ensure the coolant was kept topped up, I was able to nurse her home.

There isn’t really a huge amount to do - much like 335, 337 is pretty much original aside from the centre door conversion and a few seats that have become Green where they’ve obviously been swapped due to damage or wear & tear. Although the electronic destination equipment had been removed by TM Travel, I managed to source a replacement for use whilst the TM livery was retained although the long term plan was to fit a manual roller blind set up that I got off similar M649RCP before it was scrapped.

In the end the TM travel livery didn’t last as long as intended but I found quite liked the flexibility the electronic blind offered so I’ve decided to keep it. The single door conversion will also remain as it costs far too much to reverse. With those two differences in mind, I’ve decided to put “Thurrock Link” on the side rather that the original “Ilford Link”; the idea being that I’m showing what might have happened had Harris Bus continued in business and after the London contracts had run their course.

I hope hardcore enthusiasts will accept what I’ve done - if they don’t, well they’re welcome to buy their own vehicle and do as they wish with it!

As is customary on this website, here’s a table of what’s occurred so far (and if you prefer pictures, click here):



March 2014

Vehicle acquired from TM Travel, Halfway, Sheffield

3rd July 2014

TM Travel stickers removed - Click Here for the pictures

6th July 2014

Fully sanded down for repaint

23rd July 2014

Repaint completed - Click Here for the pictures

1st September 2014

Logo’s and Blue to Green fade applied - Click Here for the pictures

February 2015

New radiator, fan drive belt and thermostat fitted - coolant also renewed

April 2015

Leaking power steering pipe repaired, engine oil and filters changed, compressor pipes renewed, exhaust back box replaced and battery isolator fitted

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