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P337ROO - Story in Picture

20th March 2014

P337ROO is acquired from TM Travel, Halfway, Sheffield.

She is driven back to Essex. Also included below are images taken on arrival back in Essex.

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3rd July 2014

Decision made - its time to get them stickers off ready for sand down and repaint.

Turns out the adverts are stuck on with far more glue than normal vinyls and so I had to use a combination of white spirit, sanding discs and thick cloth to shift the stuff - think I might well be wary of acquiring a vehicle with these type of adverts stuck on in the future!

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23rd July 2014

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I’ll let the pictures do the talking....

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1st September 2014

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After several false starts with graphics companies agreeing to take on the work for 337 only to let me down [by not returning calls or emails] when they obviously realise that getting the fade from Blue to Green right is beyond them, I’m pleased to say that Viscount International of Woodford came up trumps. They had been highly recommended by several preservationists and I’m glad I finally listened!

I decided some time ago that I wasn’t happy with the dots on 335; they’re meant to fade from Blue to Green and so I decided that I wasn’t sticking anything on 337 unless they were correct. Even though Viscount were the only graphics company to take up the challenge & came highly recommended, they initially weren’t able to produce anything I was truly happy with. I should add that I’m well aware that famous design company Best Impressions created the Blue & Green livery; I have attempted to contact them by various means in order to get the design specs but sadly they never responded to a single call, email or letter. Makes their company name rather ironic!

Having gotten thoroughly fed up with the whole thing I decided to try a bit of fade research on the internet. That led me to something called a halftone effect which was pretty much exactly what the Harris Bus livery used. From that I was able to email a design to Viscount and they were able to produce the design you now see stuck onto 337. So am I happy with the fade now? Oh YES!!

The purists may also note that I have applied “Thurrock link” on the sides rather than the correct “Ilford link”. Now the DAF’s never carried the “Thurrock” name but given that I like the flexibility offered by the electronic blind, and that I won’t be putting the centre exit doors back (far too costly), I’ve decided that I’m showing what Harris Bus might have done had they continued in business after the London contracts came to an end.

I feel that this a good compromise and is a nod to the clever Harris livery - although it used local identities it was still flexible enough to take account of changes.

**I am aware that the parts in Turquoise are hard to see and should actually be in Teal. I agreed to the Turquiose simply because Viscount didn’t have any Teal vinyl in stock - I intend to correct this in the future when the Teal vinyl becomes available**

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10th September 2014

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Having consulted with Viscount, and given that Showbus is on the horizon (launch event for 337’s new livery) as well as a photoshoot for Bus & Coach Preservation magazine; I have decided to change the Turquoise elements to a light Blue. Given that it’s likely the Teal will be not be available for some time, I have decided that light Blue is a better solution as it can at least been seen from a distance.

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