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H105GEV - History

 H105GEV is a Leyland Olympian double deck bus with Northern Counties Palatine bodywork.

It was delivered new to County Bus & Coach Co LTD in July 1990 carrying fleet number LR105, along with 13 others, and was sent to Grays garage to work on London Transport contract route 103 between Rainham (Essex) and North Romford.

At some point not very long after starting the contract (in September 1990) County Bus decided that they’d rather pass on the 103 contract along with the Olympians operating the route and thus LR105 was acquired by Grey Green in January 1991. The whole fleet were allocated to Barking (DX) garage. Upon repaint into Grey Green’s attractive livery LR105 became fleet number 405

Grey Green was part of the Cowie group which became Arriva in the late 1990’s - the large national company we know today. Once the national Aquamarine livery had become established as Arriva’s corporate identity a red version was created for Arriva’s London operations and thus 405 was given its third livery.

Throughout its time with Grey Green & Arriva 405 (and its sisters) remained the 103’s allocated vehicles though of course they could often be found plying for trade on any of DX garage’s routes. After 10 years of being the mainstay of route 103 Arriva decided to move the fleet on and 405 was transferred with the majority of the fleet to Arriva’s North West subsiduary.

Once at “up North”, 405 gained its 4th coat of paint - Arriva’s corporate Aquamarine livery - and another fleet number.......this time becoming 3105

3105 was almost 19 years old when Arriva North West had finished with it. In bus bus terms that’s a very good service life and is about the age at which buses tend to be scrapped.....but 3105 wasn’t ready to meet its end yet!

In March 2009 the vehicle was acquired by GHA coaches which placed it (along with sisters 3113 & 3115) in the Vale Travel fleet which served the Chester area (GHA bought several companies but kept their individual identities). Being a part of the Vale Travel fleet, the vehicle gained its 5th livery - Blue bottom, Cream middle and light Blue at the top. It also gained the special registration number 1810VT

During the first half of 2016 GHA started the process of bringing all its individual companies into the GHA fold proper but on 13th July 2016 they went into administration. An auction of directly owned vehicles was conducted by the administrators and I was able to successfully buy H105GEV for preservation.


New to County Bus & Coach Co LTD, Grays Garage


Into service on London Transport route 103


Acquired by Grey Green along with the route 103 contract


Repainted into Grey Green livery


Repainted into red version of Arriva’s corporate livery


Transferred to Arriva North West & repainted into Arriva Aquamarine corporate livery


GHA, Ruabon


Reregistered 1810VT


Private owner for preservation; reregistered H105GEV

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