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H105GEV - Story in Picture

23rd August 2016

There was a special viewing day held at GHAs Ruabon head office premises two days before the auction of vehicles ended.

I duly went along to view 105. I already had a bid running on it but wanted to ensure Id chosen the right vehicle (GHA also had sisters 113 & 115 ) and wanted to consider what might be needed on the day I brought her home - ok I didnt know at that point whether or not I would win her, but there was only one day of viewing and so being  as the vehicle is in Wales and Im 4 hours away in Essex I had to work on the basis that Id be successful. Good job I was!

Below are some of the pictures I took at the viewing day. The front on view is awkward with a shadow across the front - this was the best I could achieve due to the yard being packed quite tightly with all the buses up for auction.

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30th August 2016

Collection day!

Upon arrival at Ruabon I found that despite prearranging the collection (it was a condition of the auction) H105GEV was still in the position it occupied since being moved from Tarvin depot when GHA went into administration. I already knew from the viewing day that she would need jump starting but I couldnt check things like water or oil levels due to the tight parking.

To be fair though, once all the paperwork had been checked and it was confirmed that I was the new owner, the staff dealing with the removal of vehicles very quickly got 105 jump started and moved other vehicles so that I could get it out of the yard.

However, a mate who came with me (to drive my car back to Essex) was supposed to bring some leads to use with a pair of batteries as an impromptu jump pack........unfourtunately the leads were forgotten. We therefore took the decision to drive to a petrol station wed identified a couple of miles away down the road and make some checks there (I had to stop and diesel up anyway). In all the excitement though, we promptly forgot to do those checks! Despite that little error, it made it back to Essex with no issues whatsoever. She must be a goodun!

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September 2016

Repaint into County Bus & Coach livery completed.

It was quite a fight. I had to paint the cream twice as although I painted a white undercoat over the blue areas it all still showed through - even the original cream showed through! Thankfully the second coat went on really well and although I was cursing & swearing a lot at the time (and in physical pain as I hand paint my vehicles) the end result is so worth the effort.

There is a lack of nearside images below due to space constraints, and the lighting is at times poor - often I was at it all day and it had gone dark outside!

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October 2016

All vinyl stickers now applied to complete the look.

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