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23rd November 2017

W649FUM was collected from Hedinghamís Clacton depot.....

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22nd September 2018

So after collecting the vehicle from Hedingham it was found that the air dryer needed replacing before I could consider putting the vehicle through an MOT (the previous MOT lapsed in January 2018).

Having tried to fit the replacement unit myself (professional mechanicís donít come cheap when it comes to commercial vehicles) I struggled to get one or two of the nuts to budge. Being a critical part of the air system I had to admit defeat and pay a mechanic to do the job for me. In the mean time the alternator failed - turned out its casing had cracked - and this unexpected cost ended up delaying getting the vehicle to the mechanicís to replace the faulty air dryer.

By early September the vehicle finally made it to the mechanicís; it turned out the bolts holding the old air dryer in place had to be heat treated in order to get them to budge - no wonder I couldnít undo them! Anyway, whilst the vehicle was away it was given a thorough inspection and put through its MOT. Happily it sailed through with a clean pass.

Now that its ďon the roadĒ Iíve decided to freshen up the red area of the paintwork as it was flaking off and untidy in places. The large fleet names on both sides were also peeling off and thus need replacing and the front fleetname was originally in capital letters. So work has commenced with a view to being completed for Canvey rally on the 14th October!

As usual, I forgot to take pictures as I went along whilst the vehicle was outside for sanding, so all the images are of the same side whilst its parked in its storage spot.

**update 2nd October 2018**
The new paint job didnít go as planned and so Iíve had to sand back what Iíve done and start again - on the plus side Iím now able to add images of the vehicle in a sanded state.

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12th October 2018

Iím still not happy with the paintwork Iíve done but with Canvey rally just days away Iíve accepted defeat so that the paint has time to dry in order that I can get the Vinyl fleetnames applied - and todayís the day they go on!

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