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H105GEV - Story So Far

Following a chat with a fellow former bus driver, I had been inspired to do some research on vehicles previously operated by companies that I used to work for.......I was particularly interested in the fleet of 14 Leyland Olympians operated by County Bus & Coach Co LTD on London Transport contract route 103 - especially as the operation only lasted 3 months before the vehicles and contract passed to Grey Green.

Having found that a number of the fleet still existed I established contact with an operator in Wales that had three of the batch. Sadly they went into administration though I was still able to acquire one of the three - H105GEV.

Although the interior (the seat covers) is not original, the rest of the vehicle is. Being as this is my 6th bus acquisition, and very aware that a fair amount of work was done for the MOT just two months prior, Iím thinking itíll be a simple case of full repaint back into its original County Bus & Coach Cream & Green livery and itíll be ready to rally.......

At the time of acquisition I have enough original seating to do one deck. I will eventually swap it all but Iím going to wait until I have enough to do the whole vehicle as I donít see the point in removing a full set (of frankly decent stuff) and replacing it with only half.

If youíd like to see images of how things went, you should use the table below or click here for the images.

Hereís a table of what occurred:



23rd August 2016

Vehicle viewed at GHA coaches Ruabon depot prior to end of auction conducted on behalf of the administrators. Images are HERE

30th August 2016

Driven from GHA coaches Ruabon depot in North Wales to Essex

September 2016

Repaint into County Bus & Coach Co LTD livery. Images are HERE

3rd October 2016

All vinyls applied to vehicle thus the exterior has now been fully returned to original County Bus condition. Images are HERE.

Aug / Sep 2017

Repaint into Grey Green livery - images HERE.

October 2017

Grey Green logoís applied. Images are HERE.

24th August 2018

Vehicle sold for further preservation

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