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W437CWX - Story So Far

The last Volvo Olympian built for the UK

This is the very last Volvo Olympian built for the UK and it carries the last ever Alexander Royale body.

Only two other Volvo Olympians were built after this one - both have the ugly (in my opinion) East Lancs Pyoneer bodywork and went to Southern Ireland. The very last has since come to the UK mainland.

The vehicle was never a target of mine, but having come across an appeal to secure its future and thus finding out it was the last UK Olympian, well I couldnít resist the temptation to dip my toes in the water.

The vehicleís last operator was First Eastern Counties and the bus was based on the Norfolk coast at Great Yarmouth (& Lowestoft before that). Given that it started life with Yorkshire Coastliner........well all that sea air hasnít done the chassis many favours!! On top of that, the interior is absolutely ruined owing to exposure to the weather and local animal life over an 18 month period. Thereís also a few odd bits missing from the engine bay & dashboard areaís. Getting it back on the road is gonna be quite a task.

Its going to take a lot of time and money - Iím expecting it to take a year or two rather than a few months.

Its gonna be quite a journey, but one Iím looking forward to taking on. Itíll be done when its done though and thatís all I can promise enthusiasts right now. Thereís no time scale or event to aim for; weíll just have to see how it goes........

One decision I have made, after much thought, is that it will keep the First ďBarbieĒ livery. Reason being its relatively generic and it allows me to make use of the advert frames to boast about is last UK Olympian status - it will also live and be rallied in East Anglia and Southern England which renders the original Yorkshire Coastliner branding somewhat irrelevant. I know others rate the original Yorkshire Coastliner livery but I donít. Sorry!!! In essence, Iím going for the ďas withdrawn from serviceĒ look.

**Update 12/10/16: vehicle sold for further preservation**

As is customary on this website, hereís a table showing my progress so far:

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November 2015

Vehicle acquired from First Eastern Counties (Great Yarmouth depot) & towed back to Essex.

October 2016

Sold for further preservation









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