W649FUM - Story So Far

Whilst Hedingham and me have nothing in common, other than the county of Essex, this coach did catch my interest when it was put forward as a preservation prospect on a Facebook preserved owners group.

There’s not a lot wrong with it so it but with DDA regulations for coaches not far off in the distance and Hedingham moving away from Coach work.........at 17 years old scrapping was a real possibility. Hedingham didn’t want to see it scrapped and so it was quietly advertised in preservation circles with a view to securing its future.

The price was right so I went for it.

It was collected from Hedingham’s Clacton depot on 23rd November 2017.

If you’d like to see images of how things went, you should use the table below or click here for the images.

Here’s a table of what occurred:



23rd November 2017

Collected from Hedingham’s Clacton depot - for images click here

18th September 2018

Engineers complete work on faulty air dryer and 649 passes its MOT

22nd September 2018

Fleetnames removed and red area rubbed down for repaint - images here

12th October 2018

Repaint completed and new fleetnames applied. Click Here for the images.





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