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W437CWX - Technical Stuff

The last Volvo Olympian built for the UK

For those that are into this sort of thing, here’s all the technical stuff - as far as I know this is all correct.

Date Built:
Date Registered: 06/00
Date Entered Service: 08/00
Current Colour: White
(First Group “Barbie”)
Chassis: Volvo Olympian
Chassis Number: YV3YNA419YC029747
Bodywork: Alexander Royale
Body Number: 9962/7
Weight: 11,660KG
Width: 2.5m (8’2½”)
Height: 4.42m (14’6”)
Front Overhang:
Rear Overhang:
Wheelbase: 5639mm
Tyre Size: 11 R 22.5
Engine Type: Volvo D10A
Engine Capacity:
Engine Number: 311075
Engine Oil Capacity:
BHP: 252
Coolant Capacity:
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity:
Current MPG:
Transmission: ZF Ecomat 2
Gearbox Oil Capacity:
Electrics: 24v
Total Passenger Capacity: 81
Seating Upper Deck: 43
(dual purpose)
Seating Lower Deck: 29 (dual purpose)
Standing: 9

Front Destination Blind Type: Hanover LED
Front Destination Blind Width: 144
Front Destination Blind Height: 19
Side Destination Blind Type: Hanover LED
Side Destination Blind Width: 96
Side Destination Blind Height: 8
Rear Destination Blind Type: Hanover LED
Rear Destination Blind Width: 37
Rear Destination Blind Height: 19
Wipers: xx”

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