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This page is a list of links which I feel may be useful - please feel free to let me know of any others you think ought to be added to this page - you can do this by email:

My other website covering my local area from 1970 to the present day..............well 2011. To be rebuilt in the future as I lost all the original website files when a PC suffered terminal failure.

Bus dealer and local operator

Bus maintenance & repairs - provide heavy maintenance for J317XVX

Bus maintenance & repairs

Bus maintenance, repairs & repaints - provide heavy maintenance for D302PEV and P335/7ROO

Publishes Bus & Coach preservation magazine

Owner of now scrapped sister to DW317, J315XVX - supplied seats from 315 to 317

Former owner of DAF P335ROO

Former owner of Volvo D302PEV

Former owner of DAF P337ROO

Essex Bus Enthusiast Group

List of bus rallies and events

London Bus Museum - puts on the traditional rally season opening event, the spring gathering

Colne Estuary Preservation Group - Essex based and run the Clacton bus rally

Essex based preservation group

Showbus - biggest bus rally in the UK

Castle Point Transport Museum - they do the traditional end of season rally at Canvey Island

Essex based preservation group

Suppliers of all the logos and stickers for D302PEV

Suppliers of all the logos and stickers for J317XVX

Suppliers of all the logos and stickers for P335ROO

Suppliers of all the logos and stickers for P337ROO

Greengate Fabrications - based in Braintree, Essex - can supply any glass fibre or metal bus panel






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