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This is a Volvo B10M with Plaxton Premiere 350 bodywork.

Iíve always wanted a coach but the only one I ever drove in service was for Town & Country buses - that particular vehicle was scrapped some years ago. Other than that, my only real association with coaches was during my time at Harris Bus. I have tried to research the former Harris Coaches fleet and whilst some are still knocking about, its hard to track them due to the prolific use of private or dateless plates by coach operators. Anyway, I had D302PEV and that was near enough to a coach, right?!

Having thinned my fleet to just two vehicles in October 2017 (storage costs etc were proving difficult to maintain with four vehicles), I had retained D302PEV alongside Olympian H105GEV on the basis that it fulfilled the wish to have a vehicle more able and appropriate to attend more distant rallies. Then, in November 2017, this coach came to my attention.....

Whilst Hedingham and me have nothing in common, other than the county of Essex, this coach did catch my interest when it was put forward as a preservation prospect on a Facebook preserved owners group. Thereís nothing wrong with it so it was too good to scrap, but with DDA regulations for coaches not far off in the distance and Hedingham moving away from Coach 17 years old scrapping was a real possibility. Hedingham didnít want to see it scrapped and so it was quietly advertised in preservation circles with a view to securing its future.

The price was right so I went for it. As a result of my desire to retain just two vehicles, D302PEV will now be offered for further preservation as this coach does the same job that was to perform.

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